What do ex-students feel about the professionals colleges in which they studied?

At the same time, professors/teachers say, the matter is not that simple. Most students in their late teens, and early twenties, can’t stand even an iota of criticism. They are ‘rebels looking for a cause’. Then why bother?

The Penalty Students & Institutions Pay

When there is no awareness of incompetence, motivation to learn in that area is missing. Symptoms of ‘Unconscious Incompetence’ include certainty, righteousness, being closed to others’ views, denial and most importantly, delusional thinking.  

Delusional thinking means to hold beliefs about one’s own performance that are inconsistent with well established facts.

How to Expose Students’ ‘Unconscious Incompetence’ Without Hurting Their Ego?

In a recent survey, 98% of the participants severely criticised their professors and teachers on one point: ‘They never bothered to expose us to what ‘we didn’t know’.

A team of interviewers from a Bangalore based IT/Consulting company visited about 160 colleges across India. From the official data collected by them, it is clear that 96% of Engineering students and 88% of management students can’t even convince an interviewer about their credentials.  

At the same time, the same students rate their English skills as very good! And, no one challenged their claim - peers, seniors, or professors!

“When They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know.”

The Power of Precise, Contextual Feedback.

The Crucial Factor: How to Build ‘Expectancy Beliefs’?

Why  SpeakEnglishGym

is the Only Way?