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Espoir was founded in 2005 by a team of industry professionals working with leading global companies specializing in Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Educational Psychology.

We realize the criticality of skill-gaps, and its grave consequences. We invested our years to invent lasting solutions that can turn ordinary into extra ordinary. We innovate new methodologies and technologies so that the result makes meaning to millions of lives.

An Espoir Worldwide Initiative

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Our Values, Our Beliefs

We are passionate about what we do. We are happy with our creations because our users are satisfied with what they could achieve in real life situations as a result of trusting our products and programs. Your input is the trigger for our innovations.

We don’t advertise. We believe, if you are really in need, you would search and find us. We also believe, ultimately, you are responsible for your future. We can sincerely help. Why not meet us on ‘About Us’ page?

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For High-Stake Interactions &

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There is a Dire Need

Partnering With Us, Right from Your Home

If you look for competition-killing advantages, low investment, low risk, higher profits, legal protection, dealing with descent clients, working at convenient timings, non-dependence on labour force, exclusivity, continuous release of innovative products and programs, higher satisfaction, safe working environments, professional dealings, etc, in a franchisee business, it is a good idea to read further.

It’s Extremely Big & Growing Market: Globally English language learning is a USD 72 billion industry (Source: Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, OECD, Paris). In that sense, it is bigger than the automotive industry. According to the research report published by Ambient Insight, English Learning industry  has an annual growth rate of 22.5%.


You can conduct unique programs, using unique tools, sell unique products with confidence & pride.  Every businessman understands the benefits of entering the market with weapons your competitor will never have.

No Risk. Higher Profits

Franchisee terms are so attractive that most franchisees reach break-even within months of starting operations. Franchisee gets revenues from training, and sales of unique Simulation and English products.

Professional  Growth

Higher Satisfaction

You deal with knowledge products that are highly practical in nature and is the need of the hour. When the entire world tries to increase employability, working with such products ensures your growth.

Programs are technically superior and has virtually no competition. They are continually sought after, and brings instant user appreciation. They motivate you further & build you stronger.

Low Investment

Easy to Operate

Considering the value of products and programs, high market demand, lack of worthwhile or organized competition etc, the initial investment you need to open this franchisee is relatively low.


You can operate the franchisee according to your convenience. You have complete flexibility on your timings, customers, locations, programs and the revenue targets. We don’t poke our noses.

Everyday, you work with educated, smiling, positive and forward looking people. They look for good things and appreciate goodness. No need to deal with odd hours, dangerous goods, or tough customers.

It's Your Start-Up

Using our innovative products, processes, programs as tools, you can use your own imagination to build higher satisfaction to your customers and higher profits for yourself.



These are a few of our favourite things...

Smart English through technology & Science

For complete list of programs, Click Here

For complete list of products, Click Here

Always Ahead!

Our programs are based on industry research, customer feedback and industry forecasts. They are up-to-date and contemporary. There are continuous release of new products and programs.

A Good Thing Going!

We have thousands of  feedback notes and touching experiences where our users thanking us. It is a different feeling when others get benefited by an initiative of yours. You get paid back in many many ways!!!

When you have such a promising market, what you need next is revolutionary products, processes, and programs that can outsmart the competition.

Speak English Gym is exactly the weapon that you need to win this market.

The Disruptive Innovation Called ‘Speak English Gym’:

‘Disruptive innovation’ encompasses any innovative concept, product and service that create new markets by applying new sets of rules, values and models which ultimately disrupt and/or overtake existing markets by displacing earlier technologies and alliances.

Besides offering all the usual lessons, features, documentation and other ingredients of traditional English training centres, Speak English Gym offers the following disruptive innovations:

And many more. For complete understanding of products, processes, and programs, visit the respective pages on this website. (Or, the links on your right)

SpeakEnglishGym is the result of over 8 years of research by a team of 52 highly successful industry professionals after carefully analysing the root causes of success and failures of over 37,000 candidates from non-English speaking countries. This involves what went right and what went wrong during examinations, face-to-face oral interactions.

As a SpeakEnglishGym Franchisee Partner You are Your Own Start-Up!

SpeakEnglishGym offers complete flexibility for you to own and run your franchisee partnership business as your own start-up company. You need not share your revenues with us. That means, the whole money you earn is your own. You need not show your financial details to us.

The flexibility  of operations includes,

Qualifications for appointment of Mentors:


If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us in confidence. You may send a brief resume , the location (Postal Code) of franchisee, contact number and the convenient time for us to call you back to the following email id:

If your candidature matches with our parameters, we will be contacting you. Please read the Franchisee Partner FAQ, it is very informative.


The Catalysts of Market Growth:

Why do we need ‘English Learning Centres’ after formal education?


SpeakEnglishGym products and programs are developed by the higher-end decision makers of various examinations, professional interviews, viva voce etc. Our products and programs follows latest in learning theories and technologies. They may look very futuristic but they are the need of the hour considering the competitive environment.

We differentiate ourselves from others in in-depth research, need analysis, application of cognitive educational psychology and cutting-edge information technology and modern project management. Our products are unique not only on their innovative content but also on the efforts to develop those contents. For example, “Smart English through Technology & Science” is the creation of a team of 18 scientists and engineers over a period of 22 months!

We have our development centres at Ann Arbour, Michigan, United States & Oxford, England. Our products have been developed considering the requirements of non-English speaking countries.

The team SpeakEnglishGym are currently working with various multinational companies (including Fortune 500 companies), and various well-known universities. They have become lovers of English language through the application of English in the fields of Engineering, Management, Science, Medicine, Psychology etc. No wonder SpeakEnglishGym approach is application oriented and has instant demand everywhere.

Our commitment to our products and processes are clear from the fact that we have invested eight years of our life and a couple of millions of dollars to develop these innovations. No wonder our products are known for Extensive content research and deep-rooted courseware development, application of Artificial Intelligence in courseware customizations, Excellence/Interview Simulations, etc.

The Current Faulty Methods Fail Learners: Ordinary English classes have not grown out of the age old “tedious experience of memorizing endless lists of unusable grammar rules and vocabulary”. Those classes, who claim to be ‘high-tech’ are just multi-media versions of the age-old grammar books. They do not have a disruptive innovation that can alleviate the pain, and ensure faster learning, longer retention & quicker recall.

1. Candidates for Competitive Examinations like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/GRE/SAT etc.

2. Job seekers & Job Changers (All types of Employment Examinations & Employment Interviews)

3. Teachers (Nursery/School/College), Lawyers, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs & Leaders.

4. Marketing & Sales executives.

5. Students of Engineering/Technical specialisations

6. Students of Management & Science.

7. Parents, Public Servants (Govt., Police etc), Smart housewives, & Freelancing professionals.

8. Immigration aspirants, Non-English Speaking Foreigners in your country.

9. Engineers & Executives Handling Technical Functions.

10. Executives Handling Managerial Functions.

Who Are Your Customers?

For our research, we consider TEN customer groups. However, you can customise our lessons and create tailor made courses for a target customer group exploiting the versatility of the SpeakEnglishGym software.

Your customer groups include:

From our market research, we gather that whether it is a village, town or city, one in every three

house has a customer for SpeakEnglishGym in the next three years.

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