How Does SpeakEnglishGym Ensure that the Learners Speak English Fluently?

Language is an oral art. Our approach is founded on ‘Speaking’. It develops the ‘Answering Reflex’, ‘Ability to Think On the Spot’ by putting the learner ‘in the moment’ to face realistic questions.

It provides timely, contextual, factual and actionable feedbacks through proprietary Evaluation and Feedback module.

It provides opportunity to reinforce the speaking skills and receive evaluation infinite number of times - ensure skills are ingrained into the brain and available on the spot - even in anxious/tense situations.

Grammar & Vocabulary are built through analysing each learners’ mistakes, and not through mugging-up grammar rules/vocabulary lists.

It helps fine-tune body-language through advanced features of  Mirror-like body-language recording & Spoken English Simulator.

It exposes learners’ poor Communication skills right in the first few minutes! It establishes the ‘Compelling Need’ of continued learning & our innovative approach builds the ‘Expectancy Belief’.

It customises lessons through a theme, the learner is interested in - from our World’s No.1 Content-based Instruction products. This ensures effortless, automatic learning straight to the heart.

SpeakEnglishGym  Employs the Innovative Blend of Advanced Methodologies and Cutting-edge Technologies: Experiential Learning, Content-based Instruction, Artificial Intelligence, Contextual Feedbacks, Simulation, Communicative Method, Customisation, Body-language Evaluation, Interactivity, etc. How does it work?

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