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Espoir was founded in 2005 by a team of industry professionals working with leading global companies specializing in Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Educational Psychology.

We realize the criticality of skill-gaps, and its grave consequences. We invested our years to invent lasting solutions that can turn ordinary into extra ordinary. We innovate new methodologies and technologies so that the result makes meaning to millions of lives.

An Espoir Worldwide Initiative

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Our Values, Our Beliefs

We are passionate about what we do. We are happy with our creations because our users are satisfied with what they could achieve in real life situations as a result of trusting our products and programs. Your input is the trigger for our innovations.

We don’t advertise. We believe, if you are really in need, you would search and find us. We also believe, ultimately, you are responsible for your future. We can sincerely help. Why not meet us on ‘About Us’ page?

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Espoir Anthem


For High-Stake Interactions &

Must-Win Examinations



Innovation in

Technology / Methodology

How does it Help the Learner?


Experiential Learning

  • Learner can acquire English skills through real experience & Derived understanding.
  • No memorizing, or rote-learning.
  • Help ingrain English skills for instant use.


Content-based Instruction

  • The only way for an adult to acquire sustainable English skills.
  • English lessons are learned through a favourite theme - from Technical, Managerial, Social, Sports & Entertainment.
  • Faster Learning, Longer Retention, & Quicker Recall.


Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Methodology

  • Considered as the best methodology to build ‘Communicative Competence’.
  • It builds not only grammatical competence, Socio-linguistic competence, Discourse competence and Strategic Competence.
  • Focus on Speaking skills.


AI-based Customisation

  • Personalising the learning path for each individual based on his/her current level of English skills.
  • Artificial Intelligence-based Algorithm identifies the English language weak-points of each individual and creates exclusive learning path.
  • Saves time, Increase efficiency. Ensures learners learn new skills from day one!


Realistic Simulation Technology

  • Opportunity to attempt any number of realistic interviews/interactions.
  • Professional questions, strange interviewers, and New interviews every time.
  • Develop answering reflex & the Ability to think on one’s feet. (On the Spot thinking)


Contextual Feedback

  • Answers to unpredictable realistic interviews/interactions are captured live.
  • Feature to provide timely, actual, actionable feedbacks.


Mirror-like Body-language Recording

  • The only method to understand one’s own body-language while facing tense, anxious or other stressful situations.
  • Body-language is captured through camera and is ready for evaluation.


Interactive Tests

  • Over 300 Tests in Listening, Speaking & Writing.
  • Over 6000 audio sessions in US and UK accents for each CBI themes.

Lexis and grammar:

the use of number of common lexical, especially to perform certain language functions such as agreeing, disagreeing,expressing surprise, approval, etc.

Connected speech:

i.e. common phenomenon in spoken interactions in which sounds are modified (assimilation), omitted (elision), added(linking r) or weakened (through contractions and stress pattering).Effective speakers thus need to be able not only produce individual phonemes (as I would have gone) but also to use connected speech(I’ve gone)

Expressive devices:

native speakers of English change pitch and stress of particular parts of utterances, or vary volume and speed to convey meanings beyond their words, especially in face-to-face communication. Students need to recognize and deploy some of such features and devices in the same way if there are effective communicators

A decade long research conducted by Espoir Technologies ( involving 52 Global professionals from various industries has revealed the following:

Pre-requisites for Success of Spoken English Classes.

The research has revealed that without addressing those factors, it is impossible for anyone to acquire Spoken English skills in the current situations.

The Technology/Methodology that need to be adopted to Ensure Success.

The research revealed the need of innovation in the form of advancement in Information Technology, Learning Theories etc.


Innovations in


Establish a Compelling Need: Program must expose students’ short-comings & its dire consequences.

  • Spoken English Simulator
  • Interactive Tests.
  • Body-language Recording

Ensure Sustained Inspiration: Motivate through Purposeful, Meaningful, Inspiring lessons/activities.

  • Theme-based Learning
  • AI-based CLT Methodology.
  • Experiential Learning

Build Expectancy Belief: Learners must feel that their efforts are going to be fruitful.

  • Customisation.
  • Content-based Instruction

Engage Learners’ All Senses: Must make learners perform & see the consequences of their actions.

  • Spoken English Simulator
  • Mirror-like Body-language Recording.
  • Interactive Tests.

Provide Actionable Feedback: Learners need feedback that is convincing - factual & timely.

  • Video-capturing Technology
  • Contextual Feedback

Provide Everyday Deliverables: Learners should take home the results of their work every day.

  • Spoken English Simulator
  • Evaluation & Feedback Module

Refine Body-language, especially in anxious situations: Crucial factor in current-day success.

  • Mirror-like Body-language Recording
  • Spoken English Simulator

The following table describes how the various innovation in technologies and methodologies help the learner to acquire sustainable Spoken English Skills quickly.

The following graph describes how simulator helps to improve various aspects of Speaking Proficiency basing on the framework of communicative competence under CLT approach . Explanations are given below.

Lexis & Grammar

Connected Speech

Expressive Devices

Compensating Language

Language Processing

Interacting with Others

Meaningful Responses On the Spot

Socio-linguistic Knowledge

Socio-cultural Knowledge












100% of Ordinary Spoken English Training Programs Fail.

It is a secret that is known to everyone. People learn grammar rules and vocabulary. They learn how to speak. But never speak!

Lack of Speaking Skills devalue qualifications, and Endanger Careers.

When MBAs don’t speak in a professional language expected of MBAs , and fail to conduct themselves like an MBA, who will value their MBAs?

Even Highly Qualified People Can’t Quickly Extract Meaning from Internet.

Constantly changing world and the continuous flow of information demand professionals to extract the essence of information and exploit it instantly.

Anyone who is involved in the Education, Skill Building or in Human Resources Development can’t ignore the following facts:

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