When you speak well, the following Real knowledge and (transferable) skills become your second nature.

Quick listening abilities. You listen quicker because you can’t ask most people to repeat their questions.

Quick formulation of responses. Society expects us to respond in five to fifteen seconds. Good speakers make quick decision of the idea of response, its consequences, tone of voice, selection of vocabulary, choosing the sentence structure, grammar, etc.

Quick responses in accurate and coherent ways. You learn to convey information and ideas from primary and secondary sources accurately and coherently using well-chosen details.

Answering reflex & ability to think on the spot. On the spot selection of delivery strategies, concrete sensory details the sights, sounds, and smells of a scene and the specific actions, movements, gestures, and feelings of characters.

Right responses to quick questions. You use language that conveys maturity, sensitivity, and respect. Respond correctly and effectively to questions. Demonstrate knowledge of the subject or organization.

How do those ‘speaking’ skills directly help you achieve high scores in Listening?

In Listening tests, the recording is played only once. Many candidates miss key points. With practice in (real speaking like simulator) speaking, it is impossible to miss a key word/point.

No time wastage during the test! Listen for specific information and identify the type of answers expected - what, why, when where etc. Also, speaking skills help them to identify part of speech that is required and to be used.

Quickly distinguish between examples and main ideas in a talk. Quickly plan sequencing and follow chronological order. Speaking helps the candidate to answer within the number of words.

Able to deliver quick answers by understanding cause and effect. And understanding specific relationship between words. Ability to write answers quickly using the right grammar and sentence structure.

Become comfortable with different English accents, terminologies and phrases. Build the ability to grasp implied meanings by reading between the lines. Ability to insert quotations, anecdotes etc at the right places.

If you are good at speaking, you are good at simultaneously producing & processing spoken interactions. You have learned to work under time constraints - that is, you learned how to process language as they go, with no opportunities to go back and make changes. Let’s see how does it help you in listening…

Key Requirements of ‘Listening’ Tests (Example: IELTS).

How Does SpeakEnglishGym Help Build Listening Skills?


Quickly read and clearly understand the instructions before the test.

Quick reading habit developed by exciting Theme-based English learning program and infinite number of interactive exercises.


Follow the recording continuously and listen carefully for answers.

Skills developed from over 6000 interesting practice audio sessions.


Quickly gather useful information about the situation and the speakers.

Time-bound listening tests ensure that candidates build skills to capture information quickly.


Make best use of the time in the beginning and in the middle of the sections 1 and 3 to look through the questions and think about the topic.

Over 6000 occasions to test one’s quick reading and answering ability in theme-based programs and through impromptu testing during Spoken Speaking simulator.


Quickly read and grasp the instructions for each task.  

Over 24,000 example sentences in each English theme-based program.


Quickly write all the answers as you listen. The recording is played only once.

Spoken Speaking simulator questions are played only once. Theme-based programs interactive tests are also played only once.


Always crosscheck that what you write is relevant/make sense to the context.

SpeakEnglishGym helps write sensible answers. It’s ideas compensate for the lost time of not reading English novels in the past.


Write correct spelling while writing down the answer.

All interactive tests of SpeakEnglishGym ensures correct spellings.


Ensure that you are not making any grammatical errors while writing down the answers.

SpeakEnglishGym provides maximum tests on grammar. It has over 600 time-bound tests.


Identifying key words and predict answers.

Over 6000 audio sessions ensure that one can predict answers.


Handle various types of questions and write the answers in the appropriate format.

SpeakEnglishGym tests provides the variety of test formats that gives maximum experience and build confidence.


Quickly identify a change of information during the course of conversation.

Continuous listening of one’s favourite audio sessions builds the crucial skills to follow recording precisely and identify change of data.


Answer within the number of words allowed.

SpeakEnglishGym builds the optimum vocabulary to express frugally.