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Espoir was founded in 2005 by a team of industry professionals working with leading global companies specializing in Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Educational Psychology.

We realize the criticality of skill-gaps, and its grave consequences. We invested our years to invent lasting solutions that can turn ordinary into extra ordinary. We innovate new methodologies and technologies so that the result makes meaning to millions of lives.

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Our Values, Our Beliefs

We are passionate about what we do. We are happy with our creations because our users are satisfied with what they could achieve in real life situations as a result of trusting our products and programs. Your input is the trigger for our innovations.

We don’t advertise. We believe, if you are really in need, you would search and find us. We also believe, ultimately, you are responsible for your future. We can sincerely help. Why not meet us on ‘About Us’ page?

SpeakEnglishGym  Innovations

On-the-Spot Speaking Skills:

Society expects us to respond “Here and Now”. SpeakEnglishGym develops key skills of grasping questions on-the-spot, quickly formulating apt answers on-the-spot, and articulately delivering it on-the-spot.

Build Powerful Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation through Speaking:

The best moment to catch your English errors is when you speak. Use it for customised learning. It is foolish to memorize grammar-rules/vocabulary-lists & to expect to apply them instantly.

Fine-tune Body-language, Enhance Likeability:

We hate others for their poor body-language. But, what about ours? 80-85% of our communication is through body-language. Nobody gives a feedback on body-language. SpeakEnglishGym helps you refine it.

Ability to Deal with Hostile Situations & Emotional Issues:

We expose you to unpredictable and anxious situations many number of times. By evaluating your responses, we help you deliver a clear, direct & persuasive message - to anybody.

Present Your Ideas with Great Impact:

Respond in a language that everyone can understand. Deliver clear and ‘Straight-to-the point’ messages wherever required. Present your ideas and be remembered.

Unique Benefits: For Learners

Consolidation of Learning in Any Situations:

Smartness is interpreted as the ability to respond “Here and Now” synthesising all the knowledge acquired from various avenues. In a student’s world, it is of paramount importance. Program helps them shine in team events, viva-tests, interviews etc. etc.

Better Success in University & Other Competitive Examinations:

By evaluating the impromptu speaking, and personalised feedbacks, the learner gets the targeted, personalised syllabus for English improvement. This power reflects in all directions of education!

Admirable Personal Grooming & Body-language:

Poor body-language drives people away. However nobody gives us a truthful feedback on our facial expressions while we interact in crucial situations. This program helps fine-tune body-language.

Ability to Flesh out Ideas with Memorable Examples:

We use ‘Content-based Instruction or ‘Theme-based Learning’. English learning is through live and contemporary themes, full of ideas. This combines with your ability to think on the spot!

Ability to Present Arguments with Great Impact:

As the learner develops the ability of  ‘Answering reflex’, ‘Thinking on the spot’, ‘depth of ideas’ combined with the power of ‘interactive tests’, one commands the power to present with impact!

Unique Benefits: For Teachers

Command Student’s Respect:

It is a challenge to command respect of the new generation that is engrossed in WhatsApp & Instagram.  The teachers of ordinary ‘Spoken English Classes’ and ‘Language Labs’ could not command respect even after sincere efforts. This program empowers teachers and help them shine.

Teachers’ Efforts and Very Visible and Tangible:

This program works on personalised approach. There is focused teacher-learner interaction based on the learner’s specific requirements. Teachers have many major, distinctive roles to play and they lead to better recognition of their roles in student advancement.

Teachers are able to Guarantee and Deliver Results:

Teachers success doesn’t hang on the learners ability to mug-up grammar rules or vocabulary lists. In this program, every day is a speaking event. Learning happens by ‘really’ doing!

Teachers get into Continuous Improvement Mode and Learn New Things Everyday:

Teachers are not facing a dumb crowd of students. They are interacting with individuals. They will have many queries when they are one-on-one. Content-based Instruction is a hit!

Enter in to a Highly Rewarding Phase of Your Career:

Like a physician prescribes medication after evaluating an MRI scan, teachers propose customise learning paths. The quality of interpretation, and the utility of it launch your career to new orbits!

Unique Benefits: For English Classes

Become the Best (Spoken) English Class in Your Area:

Look around! Name an English class make a student speak in English. Noone! When every other ‘English Classes’ use failed methods, and hide their failures behind ‘offers & schemes’, your class provide ‘memorable, life-changing experiences’ & deliver results!

Efficient Operations Lead to Reaping Financial Benefits faster:

At a time, when the operations costs are high, SpeakEnglishGym offers highest return on investment due to the maximum utilisation of resources and steady cash flows.

Able to Evaluate Teacher & Student Performance in Objective Ways:

Every other ‘class’ has a teacher talking near a white board and a deaf silent class. How to say it is good or bad? With SpeakEnglishGym, all performances are recorded, and open for evaluation!

No Dependency on Faculty:

The high reputation of your class is not going to be at the mercy of few star faculties. The success of students is due to the power of the program. You can train any new qualified person to take this role in 2 days!

Sustainable Publicity through Word of Mouth:

Every day, your students leave the class with a recorded, labelled recording of their that days work, which can be played at home. There is pressure on success on students too. Word spreads fast!

Get Value for Money & Setting Accountability:

Institutions waste a lot of money in communication/leadership training programs, that deliver almost no result. SpeakEnglishGym ensures not only value for money but also captures the activities of the soft-skill trainers. It is real value for money, because it delivers what students, parents, society & industry expects!

A Great Way to Improve Teachers’/Executives’ Communication/Leadership Skills:

As more people speak in a structured, meaningful  way, with clear objectives, there is minimal misunderstanding and the overall level of communication boosts up.

Opportunity to Archive Students’/Employees’ Performance for Any Future References:

As the program archives every stage of the interaction, institutions can stop blame games in the bud. It clearly shows the institution’s sincere efforts and the result of this effort!

Raising the Level of the Institution in Grooming Efficient People/Leaders:

A person’s language demonstrates his/her smartness, and one’s smartness decides his/her success. This is an opportunity to achieve a higher level that many people thought  it impossible to reach.

Improving the Overall Learning/Operation Environment:

SpeakEnglishGym exposes most of the short-comings in one’s personality, that even close friends or relatives don’t dare to pin-point. This revolutionises one’s drive to improve oneself.