Our Development Methodology

While developing our products, nature is our guiding spirit. 

As a child, you learned your mother tongue naturally and effortlessly by connecting words to objects and events around you. As an adult, you can repeat the same performance, by exploiting your passion to your benefit!

Welcome to the sure-fire way of skill-building!

We approach learning as a means of ‘knowledge construction'. Our focus of instruction is on helping the student develop learning and thinking strategies.

In Espoir InterviewMax products, we present a cognitive model of knowledge construction with the following components: learner characteristics (prior knowledge, interest, and motivation), instructional manipulations (what is taught and how), learning processes (internal cognitive structures constructed during learning such as selecting, organizing, and integrating), and outcome performance (external performance on tests).

Professionally, we follow Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Educational Excellence, Best Practices in Project Management and ISO-9000 quality systems. Personally, we value emotional concerns of the youth, their parents, and the society.

No wonder, Espoir continues to create innovative products, which no one has ever thought of. No wonder, you are always current with Espoir products and programs.