* RIEOTS of SpeakEnglishGym - Because the present day Business & Society demand a response “Here & Now”!  

Developed by a 52-member Global team of Engineering, Technology, Management, Finance, Psychology & Education professionals after realising the Industry, Business and Educational requirements in  building the abilities to Respond On the Spot.

What is SpeakEnglishGym?

It is the only proven method that ensures 100% of learners speak fluent English. This innovation combines the Power of software & the Knowledge/wisdom/experience of the teacher/facilitator.

It is NOT ‘old wine in a new bottle’. It is NOT another e-learning program. It is a scientific method developed as a result of six years of extensive research on the failures of ‘Spoken English classes & Language Labs’ by a team of 52 industry professionals after analysing the current employment/business/personal/social requirements.

It uses the optimum blend of Advanced learning theories & Cutting-edge technologies to ensure Faster learning, Longer retention and Quicker recall - on the spot! It’s easy to understand and implement!

It treats each learner as ‘unique’. It uses a person’s ‘Speech’ to build customised/personalised lessons for him/her.

How Does It work?

In the very beginning of the program, our Spoken English Simulator makes the learner speak, in whatever speaking proficiency they currently possess.

Being a spontaneous activity, Speaking exposes all shortcomings. Therefore, we capture those ‘moments’ in order to objectively analyse, and create a ‘Personalised English Syllabus' for each learner.

Memorising of ‘grammar-rules’ & ‘vocabulary-lists’ don’t work. English skills can be acquired only through a theme, the learner is passionate about. We introduce the ‘Personalised English Syllabus’ through ‘Meaningful Themes’.

Poor body-language can ruin everything. Help learners fine-tune body-language, and enhance their likeability.

The secret is in "Ingraining Spoken English Skills into the Brain" . Do provide learners with infinite number of practice, feedback, practice opportunities.

Key Original Innovations of Espoir Technologies that ensure 100% of Learners Speak Fluent English!

Crucial (Speaking) Success Factors

Patented Innovations to Achieve Them!

Answering Reflex

World’s No.1 Spoken English Simulator

Ability to Think on One’s Feet.

World’s No.1 Spoken English Simulator, Interactive Tests

Meaningful Speaking/Communication

Customisable Communicative Language Teaching - CCLT


World’s No.1 Content-based Instruction English Programs

Personalisation / Customisation of Lessons

Proprietary Intellia Software: AI-based Customisation

Contextual, Actionable Feedback

Proprietary Evaluation & Feedback Modules, Reports

Refining of Body-Language

Proprietary Mirror-like body-language recording feature

Ingraining/Internalising of Speaking Skills

Continuous practice on Spoken English Simulator