Screen Shots

World’s First & Only Spoken English Simulator: With over 300 Conversational Situations.

1. Select Your Saved Interview: Select the green highlighted file name for evaluation.

2. Self Review: Play the video. Answer questions based on Luoma profile for assessing speaking.

3. Peer Review: Play the video. Answer questions based on Luoma profile. Save.

4. Receive Report:  This report is based on an internal assessment + self review + peer review.

5. Mentor’s Feedback Screen: Mentor can play the video. Capture the mistakes from the spontaneous (instant/impromptu) responses you made to the interviewer’s questions.

6. Link Mistakes to the Lessons on MyList: Mentor can accurately link your mistakes to the exact lesson out of the 514 lessons in 134 study units. This is a higher level of customisation.

7. List of Reference Lessons: You can visit the list of reference lessons on this window.

8. Your Customised My List: The study units you need to cover are marked on your MyList.

Spoken English Simulator: Neutral Accent Video: Evaluation & Feedback: Screen shots & Brief Description