Screen Shots

World’s First & Only Spoken English Simulator: With over 300 Conversational Situations.

1. Introduction: Log in if you are ‘Already a registered user’. If not click ‘New User’.

2. Customisation: Create your account. Your account is ONLY ON YOUR COMPUTER.

3. Session Selection: 1. Learning of grammar & usage thro’ theme, or 2. Audio or 3. Video simulations.

4. At Random (Surprise!), or Based-on the Serial Number? Select your spoken English Simulation.

5. Set your video frame and lighting: Also set other parameters (codec etc) for the recording.

6. Three Easy Steps: Explains the procedure to be followed for using the simulator.

7. The Interviewer Appears: Face the first question of the conversation. Listen carefully & respond.

8. Your are on Camera: Think on your feet and respond on the spot.

9. Save your Interview for Evaluation: Your responses including body-language will be saved.

10. Your Saved Interview: Green highlighted entry is your saved interview with date, serial number/time.

Spoken English Simulator: Neutral Accent Video: Screen shots & Brief Description