Why Do We Exist?

To Make the World a Better Place

90% of present day professionals were not aware of the value of soft skills during their childhood or college education. Poor language skills cloud their brilliance and hard working nature. Most of them fail to find the right job, and face discrimination at the workplace. Espoir strives to make them successful by providing sure-fire learning solutions.

To Increase the Quality of Life

In a recent survey, 90% of the global CEOs ranked smartness even above professional skills. Our products help you build smartness and confidence from the comfort of your home or office using least amount of money, time and energy.

To Right A Terrible Wrong

For British and Americans, English is their first language (mother tongue). For most of us, it is a foreign language (second language). According to educational psychologists, the mechanism of learning a first language and second language is different.

Our governments, supported by British/American universities impose the British/ American first language learning methods on us - ignoring the fact that English is a second language for us.

No wonder, even after 10-15 years of conventional English learning, most people remain 'not-employable'. Espoir proudly presents 'Content-based Instruction', and ‘Idea-based English’.

To Prevent the End of Something Good

Audio-visual products reduce the habit of reading, and even learning. We strive to exploit the power of artificial intelligence, interactivity and multimedia without diluting necessity of reading.