Why Do Ordinary Spoken English Classes & Language Labs Fail?

No Personalisation/Customisation: Everybody gets the same lessons - irrespective of their current level or future ambitions

No realistic method to capture and evaluate one’s facial expressions, posture, gesture etc while in anxious, tense situations, that decides ’Likeability’.

There is no method to provide Timely, Convincing & Actionable Feedback infinite number of times, till the learner masters the art.

English is taught through rote-learning methods - memorising disconnected grammar rules and isolated word lists.

No real-life situation, where the learner is put into situations where Real life tension & Anxiety are created.

They don’t develop the ‘Answering Reflex’, and the ‘Ability to think on the Spot’

Lessons are not related to one’s profession or future ambitions. Content is borrowed from old grammar books and doesn’t help sustain motivation.

There is no method to Ingrain speaking skills. Few minutes of ‘Mock-interviews’ or ‘Role-plays’ don’t have any effect on the learner.

Above all, learners don’t find any major difference between the school grammar lessons, that they hated earlier. Learners realise that there is not much improvement in speaking skills of their senior students.

No wonder ordinary spoken English Classes & Language labs don’t build trust or create ‘Expectancy Belief in their learners. No wonder 100% of their learners don’t acquire the English Speaking Skills to Respond on the Spot.