You can increase muscle size by doing resistance exercises. Resistance exercise involves using your muscles to move an extremely heavy load. This type of exercise forces your muscles to contract as hard as they can, which leads to an increase in the number of contractile filaments within your muscle cells. This makes your muscle cells enlarge and, as a result, it makes your muscles bigger.

Eric R. Kandal received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2000 for his pioneering work related to physical changes in the brain, "Our brains are constantly changing anatomically as we learn."

Bodybuilding with Physical Exercises Brain Building with Learning

It is found that learning a new skill (or acquiring a new knowledge) is a physical activity for the brain. When we learn new skills, new neural pathways are built and strengthened and interconnected. Like muscle, the brain grows!

How Does the English Skills Acquisition Done in the Brain?

Repeated behaviour (skill application) stimulates the dendrites of neurons (brain cells) to grow and connect with other neurons.

Eventually an efficient pathway forms that enables the spoken English skill. This process requires Noticeable, Meaningful English Lessons & Many months of consistent reinforcement.

Learning happens only if you can associate the new information to an information that already exists in the brain. If you can’t associate, it will remain an orphan data. Brain ejects orphan data. That is the reason, mugged-up data is always forgotten.

When you learn English through a passionate theme, the association happens quickly. Similarly, Spoken English Simulator ensures repetition of the skill in a highly focused environment.

Why the Name ‘Speak English Gym’?