In ancient England, Latin was taught by means of what has been called the Classical Method: focus on grammatical rules, memorization of vocabulary and of various declensions and conjugations, translation of texts, doing written exercise. What was the reason?

1. Methods of Ancient England.

Languages were not being taught primarily to learn oral communication.

How did they Create Generations of ‘Dumb Scholars’?

Languages were taught to learn for the sake of being "scholarly" or, for gaining a reading proficiency in a foreign language.

For the people of England, English is their mother tongue. They speak English at home.

2. Oxford & Cambridge Methods.

Unlike British, English is not our mother tongue. We don’t speak English at home.

3. And, How Do They Make Us ‘Dumb’?

According to cognitive educational psychology, ‘Meaningful Speaking’ must be the first step in learning any new language.

By speaking, we gain confidence, start loving English, and get ready to learn grammar rules.

By the time they reach school-age, they are already in a position to ‘manage’ English. What they need from school is the training to use ‘correct, structured English’.  

Therefore, Oxford, Cambridge methods are heavy on grammar from the day one! They create ‘Grammar Scholars’ because they need not (or are not meant to) develop ‘Oral Communication skills’.

Over emphasis on ‘repulsive’ grammar at the very early age, and no emphasis on speaking lessons, make us ‘Non-talking, Purposeless, Grammar Scholars’!

The Flawed Learning Methods, We Inherited.

How to Detect Such Flaws in Your College?

Training ‘Must Haves’ for Successful English Learning.

Why  SpeakEnglishGym

is the Only Way?