Critical Success Factors for Any

Spoken English  Skill Acquisition Program.

What Happens in Ordinary Spoken English Classes?

What Happens at


Establish a Compelling Need: Program must expose students’ short-comings & its dire consequences.

Nothing. They fail to create a compelling need.

Within minutes, Spoken English Simulator exposes one’s Answering Reflex, On the Spot Thinking etc.

Ensure Sustained Inspiration: Motivate through Purposeful, Meaningful, Inspiring lessons/activities.

Nothing. The same boring lessons for everyone.

Learner choose his/her  interesting /passionate themes from World’s No.1 CBI programs.

Build Expectancy Belief: Learners must feel that their efforts are going to be fruitful.

Nothing. Learners don’t see success in their seniors.

Customisation & AI-based CLT Methodology ensure success in learners’ Personal/Professional life.

Engage Learners’ All Senses: Must make learners perform & see the consequences of their actions.

Partial: Isolated, Predictable audio, or video.

Spoken English Simulator creates realistic, anxious moments that engage. New one every time!

Provide Actionable Feedback: Learners need feedback that is convincing - factual & timely.

Overall, general feedback: Not convincing or actionable.

Advanced Software Tool to provide Factual, Timely Feedback that is Actionable & Convincing.

Provide Everyday Deliverables: Learners should take home the results of their work every day.

Nothing. Learners go home empty handed.

Speaking Intensive Program  allows the learner to copy that day’s interaction & Feedback home.

Refine Body-language, especially in anxious situations: Crucial factor in current-day success.


Mirror-like Body-language Recording & Spoken English Simulator help learners fine-tune.

Now you know why ordinary methods don't work!