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An Espoir Worldwide Initiative

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“The most important thing is to read as much as you can, like I did. It will give you an understanding of what makes good writing and it will enlarge your vocabulary.”

- J. K. Rowling, Author of Harry Potter Series of Fantasy Novels.

Writing: What Are the Critical Success Factors? (Example: IELTS. However the principles are identical for all other tests)

Critical Factors for Writing Success

 SpeakEnglishGym : Benefits & Results

Ordinary Training Programs: Shortcomings & Consequences

Critical Success Factor 1:

The ability to quickly understand the writing tasks & to decide what are you expected to do.


SpeakEnglishGym works on fundamentals - it builds real communication abilities through ideas and the grammar/usages associated with ideas. Therefore, it ensures that when you sit for IELTS Writing test, the you understand quickly what is expected of you in Task 1 and Task 2.


Thanks to SpeakEnglishGym, you are clear about the task within two minutes and you are ready to write your essay. We recommend you to write Task 1 as it makes kick start your work easily and confidently. With SpeakEnglishGym, you will feel proud of your Task 1 and will be more motivated to write Task 2 better.


1. 98% of SpeakEnglishGym students say, they could read instructions and understand the task clearly within a minute! They got the clear idea of what is required for the answer for Task 1 and Task 2.

2. 99% of students say, their all anxieties disappeared when they say the questions of Task 1 and Task 2 because they have gone through many topics of these kind in SpeakEnglishGym.

3. Working on SpeakEnglishGym helped them to learn not only how to write but what to write too.

Ordinary Training Programs-Shortcomings:

In their attempt to ‘cover’ the ‘portion’ of the syllabus within the promised time, they fail to build quick reading skills.


Ordinary Training Programs-Consequences:

Most candidates at these centres complain that they could not understand the audio during the Listening test. The root cause is that they could not read instructions carefully, get familiar with the questions and proactively prepare their minds to predict important ideas and words.

Ordinary Training Programs-Results:

91% of students, who used the primitive methods of Ordinary training centres come out of the IELTS Listening tests complaining that,

1. They could not answer correctly because they could not understand the question before and and wait for the answer.

2. They felt every word/idea of the speaker similar because they could not keep their minds ready for the answer.

3. They found it difficult to keep-up with the information provided in the audio.

Critical Success Factor 2:

The ability to formulate apt answers with bright ideas, organize the sequence of presentation and plan paragraphs quickly:


SpeakEnglishGym helps create an organizational structure for the essay that balances all aspects of the task. The candidate will be fast to choose the form of writing that best suits the intended purpose.


SpeakEnglishGym ensures that students create compositions that establish a controlling impression, have a coherent thesis, and end with a clear and well-supported conclusion.


1. 97% of SpeakEnglishGym students say, they were ready with the structure of the Task 1 within 2 to 4 minutes and roughly plan Task 2. They could complete Task 1 and Task 2 about 10 to 12 minutes before the stipulated time.

2. 99% of candidates say, they could complete the Task 1 in 15 to 17 minutes and Task 2 in 30 to 32 minutes. cross check the answers for common mistakes like spelling, grammar, prepositions, collocation repetition, singular/plural, tenses, countable/uncountable nouns.

Ordinary Training Programs-Shortcomings:

A student from one of this training centres commented, “Telling frankly. I have trouble catching the actual sounds of this foreign language.” For most students here, English remains a foreign language because they never get opportunity to get friendlier with English. They develop a ‘fear psychosis’ towards English listening.

Ordinary Training Programs-Consequences:

Confidence and ‘presence of mind’ are key factors in the IELTS listening test-to write down answers while listening to the audio, knowing that it is going to be played only once. Most candidates from these training centres fumble miserably because they don’t have ample practicing opportunity like SpeakEnglishGym.

Ordinary Training Programs-Results:

93% of students, who followed ordinary methods complain that,

1. They find it difficult to comprehend the audio, and identify facts that build the main idea at the right point.

2. They find it difficult to retain facts, figures and ideas and write it down clearly within the stipulated time.

3. They could not retain concentration during the long listening sessions.

Critical Success Factor 3:

The ability to write in a way that engage the interest of the reader and state a clear purpose.


SpeakEnglishGym helps candidates to open their essays with interesting quotes. Then, it helps to support all statements and claims with anecdotes, descriptions, facts and statistics, and specific examples. The candidates are also well versed to use interesting opening sentences and topic sentences.


SpeakEnglishGym programs are studded with new information and result-oriented, knowledge nuggets. SpeakEnglishGym makes up for the time lost in not reading English novels and watching English movies earlier in life. SpeakEnglishGym programs make accurate predictions easier. Note: Ability to predict come with such experiences.


1. 94% of SpeakEnglishGym students say, they could develop essays that are interesting to read on most occasions - irrespective of the topic.  

2. 96% of candidates say, they were alert to capture the right information because their minds were prepared with right kind of general information.

3. 96% of students say, SpeakEnglishGym helped them develop a much wider knowledge about the world; it helped them practice making predictions. This kind of anticipation skill helps them listen to longer speeches and lectures.

Ordinary Training Programs-Shortcomings:

Students at Ordinary Training centres don’t have the privilege to listen to the customised audio sessions. They develop anxiety towards audio sessions and build aversion.

It is crucial to develop skills to listen through the talk. This ability comes only through practice.

Ordinary Training Programs-Consequences:

Most candidates who follow conventional methods complain that they find it difficult to listen through the talk  to clearly understand the main idea, underlying meanings, and feelings.

Ordinary Training Programs-Results:

95% of students, who followed ordinary methods complain that,

1. They find it difficult to concentrate for the whole length, for example sections 1, 2 3, and 4.

2. When they try to focus, they miss key ideas, those are not directly said, mentioned only once, or described in detail.

3. Many students complain, “I can understand people if they talk slowly and clearly; I can’t understand fast, natural, native-sounding speech.”

4. 98% of students fail to logically predict the flow, and therefore not able to proactively prepare their mind to capture the data when it is said.

Critical Success Factor 4:

The ability to present statistics, data, opinions, arguments etc without writing mistakes.


1. SpeakEnglishGym ensures that the candidate identify, notice, understand, and analyse the information given at the shortest time. It also ensures that the essays have appropriate organization; consistent point of view; and transitions between paragraphs, passages, and ideas.

2. Each theme of SpeakEnglishGym has over 22,000 interesting sentences and over 300 interactive exercises. No wonder, sentence structure selection, choosing the appropriate word etc become automatic and natural to you.


Through World’s No.1 Content-based Instruction methodology, SpeakEnglishGym helps use precise language, action verbs, sensory details, appropriate modifiers, and the active rather than the passive voice.

SpeakEnglishGym helps revise writing to improve organization and word choice after checking the logic of the ideas and the precision of the vocabulary.


1. 96% of SpeakEnglishGym students say, they could understand the general idea of what was being asked to do. Therefore they could accurately understand the specific information in the task.  

2. 95% of candidates say, they could present the specific information from the graph/diagram and develop the the answer considering the correct grammar structure.

Ordinary Training Programs-Shortcomings:

Students from ordinary training centres consider ‘Gap Fill’ / Short Answer as the most difficult IELTS listening task. Why? Student’s grammatical knowledge is as important as their listening ability. Why? Because answers should be grammatically correct within the given sentences.

Ordinary Training Programs-Consequences:

'‘Gap Fill’ / Short Answer tasks require you to write answer in your own words and sentences. This calls for the candidate to write down his/her answers in clear, complete sentences without grammar mistakes or spelling errors.

Most ordinary training centres do not have the practice of helping students with time-bound tests that will simulate the real time IELTS teats such 'Gap Fill’ / Short Answer tasks.

Ordinary Training Programs-Results:

94% of students, who followed ordinary methods complain that,

1. They find it difficult to clearly understand what is exactly needed to do to perform the ‘Gap Fill’ and ‘Short Answer’ tasks.

2. 91% of candidates say, “I have to understand every word; if I miss something, I feel I am failing and get worried and stressed.”. Unfortunately they don’t understand every word due to lack of experience building opportunities.

3. 93% of candidates say, they get tensed in writing answers in their own words and make mistakes in spelling, and grammar.

Critical Success Factor 5:

The ability to express cause and effect & Comparison and contrast.


SpeakEnglishGym, with its CBI methodology, provides maximum ideas to write expository compositions (e.g., description, explanation, comparison and contrast, problem and solution).

It helps candidates state the purpose, explain the situation, follow an organizational pattern appropriate to the type of composition, and offer persuasive evidence to validate arguments and conclusions as needed.


Students combine the rhetorical strategies of narration, exposition, persuasion, and description to produce essays of Task 1 and Task 2 of minimum 150 and 250 words each.

SpeakEnglishGym students benefit from attempting to hundreds of time-bound questions. They can attempt these questions and receive immediate feedback any number of times.


1. 98% of SpeakEnglishGym students say, they could attend all question-types with clear understanding and confidence.

2. 97% of candidates say, even the Gap Fill and Short-answer questions were a cakewalk for them.

3. 95% of students say, Idea-based IELTS helped them develop the key skills of reading faster, predicting

Ordinary Training Programs-Shortcomings:

Students at Ordinary Training centres suffer because they are exposed to very limited number of real-time tests. The tests available on Internet are not time bound, therefore the candidates do not get the experience of attending a listening test under time pressure.

Ordinary Training Programs-Consequences:


Ordinary Training Programs-Results:

93% of students, who attended listening test said,

1. They find it difficult to understand the question styles and fail in managing the time.

2. They find it difficult to quickly retrieve facts, figures and ideas and fumble with the answering methods.

3. They could not retain concentration while switching from one question types to another.

Critical Success Factor 6:

The ability to think and write simultaneously: minimum 400 words in 60 minutes.


In over 3000 tests, SpeakEnglishGym students must listen to audio recordings and  key-in answers without spelling mistakes and punctuation errors.

Over 4000 enjoyable tests ensure that SpeakEnglishGym students write answers without grammar mistakes.


SpeakEnglishGym students quickly internalise the skills to write answers clearly without spelling mistakes and punctuation errors.

SpeakEnglishGym candidates can write narrative, expository, persuasive, and descriptive texts on almost any topic. They are also developed the skills to naturally write answers without grammar mistakes.



1. 98% of SpeakEnglishGym students say, they could give equal importance to all sections because they were confident of their abilities, were relaxed and were in complete control.  

2. 95% of candidates say, they could manage the time properly to complete all answers.

3. 94% of candidates said they even got the extra time to ensure that the answers are grammatically correct and didn’t cross the maximum number of words or letters allowed for each answer.

Ordinary Training Programs-Shortcomings:

Students from ordinary training centres complain that they could not transfer all the answers clearly, without grammar mistakes, without spelling errors.

Ordinary programs are not able to provide enough number of time-bound realistic tests to overcome this shortcoming.

Ordinary Training Programs-Consequences:

They fumble with the answers as they accumulate doubts, and uncertainties till the end. They are not successful in writing down the all answers as they listen to the audio.

Ordinary Training Programs-Results:

95% of students, who followed ordinary methods complain that,

1. As the end of the test nears, that is, when they reach section-4, they have reached their peak of frustrations.

2. Frustration reaches its peak when they have to transfer all the answers to the answer sheet.

3. 93% of candidates say, they could not transfer all the answers clearly, without grammar mistakes, without spelling errors.