When you speak well, the following Real knowledge and (transferable) skills become your second nature.

Quick listening abilities. You listen quicker because you can’t ask most people to repeat their questions.

Quick formulation of responses. Society expects us to respond in five to fifteen seconds. Good speakers make quick decision of the idea of response, its consequences, tone of voice, selection of vocabulary, choosing the sentence structure, grammar, etc.

Quick responses in accurate and coherent ways. You learn to convey information and ideas from primary and secondary sources accurately and coherently using well-chosen details.

Answering reflex & ability to think on the spot. On the spot selection of delivery strategies, concrete sensory details the sights, sounds, and smells of a scene and the specific actions, movements, gestures, and feelings of characters.

Right responses to quick questions. You use language that conveys maturity, sensitivity, and respect. Respond correctly and effectively to questions. Demonstrate knowledge of the subject or organization.

How do those ‘speaking’ skills directly help ensure high scores in ‘Writing’?

Speaking helps organise ideas in the mind quickly. The candidate analyses questions quickly. It ensures that the lay-out, style and content of the writing are appropriate and relevant to the task.

The process of speaking out what we have arranged in mind is the process of organizing ideas for the essay. It ensures that grammar and sentence structure show variety and maturity. Good speaking skills ensure automatic formation of ideas and structure quickly.

Speaking reflects thought directly, it is a link between thinking and writing. Speaking is the medium of interaction between thinking and writing. Answers flow in a well organised and easy to follow way.

Our speaking style has influence on our structure of writing. When we area able to understand the real meaning of the questions, we are able to respond with maturity, sensitivity and respect.

From the formation of an idea to the organization of that  idea in written form, speaking is vital. Applying structure to the writing of the idea requires speaking the writing process. Choosing the appropriate words to embellish the structures that will express the written idea requires writing that reflects speaking.

Those who learn to speak fluently have the right vocabulary, and sentence structure are at the tip of their tongue. This reflex can be transferred to writing. People who use formal talking can use it directly for writing without much modifications.

Key Requirements of ‘Writing’ Tests. (Example: IELTS)

How Does SpeakEnglishGym Help Build Writing Skills?


Ability to analyse the question correctly to ensure that the answer you envisage will fulfil the task.

SpeakEnglishGym builds wider optimum vocabulary & ensures that the candidate analyses the question by reading between the lines.


Ability to quickly decide the style and content of the essay so that it is relevant and appropriate for the task.

As SpeakEnglishGym is a holistic program that involves theme-based learning. It quickly helps candidates to attempt the task appropriately.


Ability to present complex  information in a well-organised, easy to read and interesting to follow.

SpeakEnglishGym has over 22,000 idea nuggets in each theme. This ensures that candidates know how to write and what to write when.


Ability to describe a process or procedure clearly and systematically.

SpeakEnglishGym boasts over 300 highly interactive tests, that provide multi-sensual experiences. Describing a process becomes natural.


Ability to ensure grammatical accuracy and variety in structure while writing Task 2 essays.

Candidates INGRAIN right grammar and usages into their brains because they attempts over 300 multi sensual tests & simulation.


Ability to ensure that spelling and punctuation of a standard that does not hinder understanding of the essay.

SpeakEnglishGym has computerised tests that ensures candidates write the relevant sentences with right spelling and punctuation.


Ability to support opinions with evidence and develop the arguments consistently.

As SpeakEnglishGym is theme-based & ensure students read between the lines, they are good at analysis - to form opinions and arguments.


Ability to rule out personal prejudices and stick to reason. Avoiding generalised statements that are not logical.

SpeakEnglishGym helps candidates to be decisive. They learn to analyse pros and cons and to formulate an opinion beyond prejudice.


Ability to use a mixture of simple, complex and compound sentences.

SpeakEnglishGym provides more than 22,000 interesting exciting example sentences in each theme.


Ability to ensure coherence and cohesion especially in task 2.

SpeakEnglishGym is idea based. It ensures coherence and cohesion.


Ability to demonstrate a range of vocabulary (lexical resource) to show your command of English.  

Besides the exclusive vocabulary builder, SpeakEnglishGym builds over 10,000 new words through themed sentences. Another record!


Ability to formulate and present opinions in a logical clear way. Ability to justify and exemplify opinions appropriately.

As SpeakEnglishGym is a multi-sensual approach, candidates ingrain right English structures and make it their second nature.